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March 9, 1998

Volume 1 Issue 1

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By Mark Levy &
Russell LeChard

Extra Extra!!    "Extra, Extra!! Read all  about it!!"

    Yes, its True! The Inaugural issue of the JSCC WebZine is here for the Education, Entertainment, and Enjoyment of members of the Jersey Shore Computer Club. Below is some background information on our club:

Why we formed a computer club?

    Back in March of '97 our old computer club (CJPCUG) decided it was time to disband with one of the reasons being the sudden death of one of its key people Fred Kaufman in August of '96, there had been talks after the September '96 meeting about what direction the club was headed but there was a lack of dependable leadership, hardly any presentations and attendance had dropped way off, there was also talk of combining with another club but things didn't pan out.   There were still five of us from the old club that expressed an interest in still getting together once a month to help each other and discuss things going on in the computer world, whether we would meet at someones house or at a diner, it was decided that we would still meet. During this discussion we found out we could still use our meeting place provided we had a certain amount of people gathering each month, then one of us got the idea (me) to rebuild the club and make it better than it was before (which wasn't hard to do), I thought up a new name and the Jersey Shore Computer Club was born.

What we will do for you as a member?

WhackWe have made so much progress since our first meeting in May of '97 and are
continually adding new things to make us the best possible user group in the area, by attending other local computer club meetings and seeing what they were doing wrong and with feedback from their members, we give you correct answers to your computer questions and problems, a friendly and relaxed
atmosphere at meetings, a clip-on name

badge and membership card, opportunity to buy new hardware and software at $10 over cost, monthly presentations by vendors and club members, group discussions of current computer news, monthly show & sell, access to the club's videotape library, entry in a drawing for our monthly door prize, free refreshments, an online
newsletter, a message board and weekly chats on the Internet and much more! This is the computer club you should be proud to be a part of, now and in the future!


President's Message

           By Mark Levy

JSCC Webzine     Welcome to Volume 1, Issue 1 of the Jersey Shore Computer Club WebZine, we are very excited to be able to bring you this monthly online newsletter that will feature articles and columns from members such as "Read Me 1st" where we'll review new hardware and software titles, "Helpful Hints" will offer tips and tricks for your programs and operating systems, "Hot Sites of the Month" will list the newest and best places to visit on the WWW and "PC Q&A" a column answering members e-mail questions plus lots more!
Computer & mouse   In this months issue we'd like to give you some background into who we are, things such as why we formed a  computer club and what we will do for you as a member will be explored. So sit back and we hope you enjoy reading our first issue of the WebZine and learning more about us. Thank you for being a member of the Jersey Shore Computer Club.


Mr. Computer!

Q:Why Join the Jersey Shore Computer Club?

A: For the Education, Entertainment, and the Enjoyment of the World of Computers! (Not the mention, we offer some yummy cookies at every Meeting!)

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