Reprinted from The Brick Communicator newspaper - August 2nd, 2002.

Computer Q&A

By Mark Levy

Question: I would like to get rid of that annoying "NETWORK NEIGHBORHOOD" icon from my desktop. I don't use it nor do I ever intend to use it. I would also like to know how I go about joining the computer club. I am a novice but I do know my way around my computer.

Tom L. from Brick

Answer: The easiest way to remove the Network Neighborhood icon from your desktop is to use Tweak UI which is part of Powertoys and can be found on the Windows 95 and 98 CDs but not on the Windows 98 2nd Edition or Me CDs, I recommend you download the newest version 1.33 from which has some bug fixes. Put the file tweakui133.exe into a new folder you create and double click on this file, then right click on the .INF file to install the program.

When you go into Control Panel you will see an icon for Tweak UI (by the way the UI stands for User Interface), double click on the icon and go to the tab Desktop, here you can hide any icons you donít use or want on your desktop anymore, keep in mind if you are running a network hiding the Network Neighborhood icon is not recommended. There are many useful features you will find in this program that werenít included in the original editions of Windows. If you are using Windows XP there is another version of Tweak UI that can be downloaded and while this program was made by Microsoft employees it isnít supported by Microsoft.

As far as joining our group the best way is to come to a meeting at the Brick Municipal Building, we meet on the 4th Monday of each month at 7:30pm and our next meeting is on August 26th, you should be able to find most answers to club questions on our website. Thanks for writing.

Mark Levy is president of the Jersey Shore Computer Club. Meetings held monthly in the Municipal Complex, Brick Township. For more information visit: or e-mail:

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