Protect Your PC:

Use the resources below for protection against viruses, hacker activity and spyware. You can prevent major problems later on by taking a few minutes NOW to protect your computer.

National Infrastructure Protection Center :
Seven Simple Computer Security Tips for Small Business and Home Computer Users.

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware:
This is possibly the best AntiSpyware program out right now and best of all, It's Free!

Microsoft's Protect Your PC:
Security patches and updates for your Windows Operating System.

Shield's Up!: Test your PC to see if you are vulnerable to a hacker attack.

Zone Alarm: Download this free firewall to prevent hacker activity.

AVG Anti-Virus:
An excellent free Anti-Virus program with up to date protection.

Scan your computer right now for viruses. This is a free online program.

Norton Internet Security:
Get info about Anti-Virus and Personal Firewall protection.

SpywareBlaster: Deletes spyware to speed up your computer.

Spybot - Search & Destroy: Run this to clean up hidden spyware files.

Ad-aware: Another program to download and run to remove spyware.

Multiple Anti-Spyware and privacy tools are available on this site.

Spy Sweeper:
Webroot Spy Sweeper is award-winning anti-spyware software that effectively detects and safely removes spyware and adware from your PC.

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