Membership Benefits:

The yearly dues for a 1 year membership in the Jersey Shore Computer Club is $15.00! This is a great value when compared to other local computer clubs which currently charge $25 or more for a 1 year membership!

Some of the Benefits of Membership:

Answers to your computer questions and problems
Monthly Presentations
FREE Wi-Fi at meetings
FREE Hardware and Software support
Friendly and relaxed meetings
Online PC Q&A Discussion Group
Our Bits & Bytes Newsletter
Members Only Website - Online Newsletter, PC Tips
FREE Monthly giveaways - Software, Hardware, Books
FREE refreshments

Why I Should Join a Computer Club:

If you've ever had a problem with your computer and didn't know where to turn,
or you've had to take it in for repairs or upgrades and just weren't sure if
you were being overcharged, or you were told that you needed to replace this
or install that and it will be so much more money, this is similar to when you
take your car in for repairs, you just don't know and you are trusting them.

When you join the Jersey Shore Computer Club, for just $15 per year you will get
access to our monthly meetings where we answer club members questions and
problems during our PC Q&A session. This is always a lively discussion among
members and is a great learning experience. Members can and have brought in
their laptops and desktops and we have been able to save them quite a bit of
money in either repairs, software removals, virus and spyware removal, software
and hardware installations or simply a diagnosis. We also have a Support Forum
available online for members to use in between meetings if a problem occurs.

During each meeting we also talk about what is going on in the computer world
as well as having a presentation each month. Some recent presentation topics
have been...How Safe, Secure and Private Are You on the Internet? - Where do
we spend most of our time on the Internet? Where do you go? Where shouldn't
you go? - Hands On Review of the Kindle Fire and Other Tablets.

Keep in mind that we are a Non-Profit Group registered with the State of NJ
and all of our members are simply people helping other people. Our main focus
and goal is to make sure that you have more fun and enjoyment using your computers,
instead of frustration and wasted money on repairs and software you didn't need.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our next meetings so we can give you
the personalized support that you simply can not get online or in a store!

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